Government Offices and Services in Childress, Texas

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Administration of General Economic Programs
County Economic Program Administration
Childress County Home Economic
100 Avenue East Nw # 9
Administration of Social, Human Resource and Income Maintenance Programs
State Government Social Human Resources
Childress Human Services Department
801 Commerce St Unit A
Childress Texas Health And Human Services Commission
801 Commerce St Unit B
Administration of Veterans' Affairs, Except Health Insurance
State Veterans Affairs
Childress Veterans Health Administration
1001hwy 83 North
City Government Courts
Childress Municipal Judge
315 Commerce St
County Government Courts
Childress Cnty District Judge
100 Avenue East Nw # 1
Childress County Judge
100 Avenue East Nw # 1
Childress Honorable Judy Sundstrom
100 Avenue East Nw # 12
Local Courts
Childress Justice Of The Peace
100 Avenue East Nw # 6
County Of Childress
101 Avenue F Ne
Executive Offices
City Government Executive Offices
Childress City Manager
315 Commerce St
City Of Childress
237 Commerce St
County Government Executive Offices
Childress County Clerk
100 Avenue East Nw # 4
State Government Executive Offices
Childress Sen Robert Duncan
119 Avenue B Nw
General Government, NEC
County Government General Offices
Childress County County Jdg
100 Avenue East Nw # 1
Land, Mineral, Wildlife, and Forest Conservation
Federal Government Conservation Depts
Childress Us Consolidated Farm Service Agcy
305 Avenue B Nw
Soil Conservation Services, Government
Childress Natural Resources Conservation
305 Avenue B Nw
Legislative Bodies
County Government Offices
Childress Cnty Extension Agent
100 Avenue East Nw # 9
Childress Consolidated Farm
305 Avenue B Nw
Childress County Iv D
100 Avenue East Nw # 12
Childress Family & Consumer Sciences
100 Avenue East Nw # 9
Government Offices City Village and Township
Childress Fair Park Auditorium
Fair Park
Legislative Bodies, State and Local
Childress Senator Robert Duncan
119 Avenue B Nw
State Government Offices
Childress Rangers Department
1700 Avenue F Nw
Police Protection
Police Protection, County Government
Childress County Sheriff's Office
1005 Avenue F Ne
Police Protection, Local Government
Childress Police Department
315 Commerce St
State Government Police
Childress Public Safety Department
1700 Avenue F Nw
Public Order and Safety, NEC
County Government Public Order and Safety
Childress Cnty Emergency Management
1005 Avenue F Ne
Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors
Labor Regulatory Agency
Childress Workforce Commission Texas
2000 Avenue G Nw
United States Postal Service
Post Offices
Childress Us Post Office
507 Avenue F Nw