Government Offices and Services in Findlay, Ohio

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Administration of Educational Programs
Administration of Educational Programs, County Government
Findlay Hancock County Education Service Center
7746 County Road 140 A
Administration of Public Health Programs
Administration of Public Health Programs, Local Government
City Of Findlay Health Department
445 Clinton Court
Child Health Program Administration, Government
Findlay Hancock Hardin Wyandot Putnam
1800 North Blanchard St # 116
City Public Health Programs
Findlay City Health Department
445 Clinton Court
County Government Public Health Programs
Findlay City Health Department
1644 Tiffin Avenue # A
Findlay Hancock County Health Department
445 Clinton Court
Findlay Hancock County Health Department
209 West Main Cross St # 101
Mental Health Agency Administration, Government
Findlay Hancock County Alcohol Drug
438 Carnahan Avenue
Administration of Social, Human Resource and Income Maintenance Programs
Administration of Social and Manpower Programs, County Government
Findlay Hancock County Sheriff's Office
200 West Crawford St
Federal Social and Human Resources
Findlay Social Security Administration
1720 East Melrose Avenue
Income Maintenance Programs
Findlay Jobsolutions
7746 County Road 140 Unit B
State Government Social Human Resources
City Of Findlay Work Program
224 West Crawford St
Administration of Veterans' Affairs, Except Health Insurance
State Veterans Affairs
Findlay Hancock Veterans Service Office
1100 East Main Cross St # 201
Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management
County Government Environmental Programs
Findlay Hancock Cnty Sanitary Landfill
3763 County Road 140
Findlay Hancock Co Solid Waste Management
222 Broadway St
Environmental Agencies
Findlay Sws Environmental Service
3820 Ventura Drive
State Government Environmental Programs
Findlay Litter Prevention & Recycling
952 Lima Avenue
County Government Courts
Findlay Common Pleas Domestic Relation
300 South Main St
Findlay Hancock County Child Support
7814 County Road 140
Findlay Hancock County Juvenile Court
308 Dorney Plaza # 2
Findlay Hancock County Job Service
7814 County Road 140
Local Courts
Findlay Municipal Civil Court
318 Dorney Plaza # 206
State Courts
Findlay Municipal Criminal Ct
318 Dorney Plaza # 206
Executive Offices
City Government Executive Offices
Findlay Blanchard Township
11016 Township Road 125
Findlay Cass Township
14127 Township Road 213
Findlay Eagle Township
8828 Township Road 44
Findlay City
Municipal Building
Findlay Mayors Office
318 Dorney Plaza # 310
Findlay Liberty Townsh
9975 Township Road 89
Findlay Liberty Township
406 Colorado Avenue
Findlay Marion Twp Trustees Government
6761 Township Road 212
County Government Executive Offices
Findlay Hancock Commissioners Office
300 South Main St
County Supervisors' and Executives' Office
Findlay Hancock Regional Planning
318 Dorney Plaza # 306
Executive Offices
Findlay County Of Hancock
8210 County Road 140 C
Findlay City Engineers Office
304 Municipal Building
Findlay Hancock County Auditors Office
300 South Main St
Executive Offices, State and Local
Findlay Street Department
330 North Cory St
Mayors' Office
City Of Findlay
318 Dorney Plaza # 313
Findlay Auditors Office
318 Dorney Plaza # 313
Fire Protection
Fire Department, Not Including Volunteer
Findlay Fire Department
722 South Main St
Findlay Fire Station East
1001 Tiffin Avenue
Fire Departments
Findlay Fire Marshall
720 South Main St
Findlay Fire Station North
2610 North Main St
Fire Protection, Local Government
Findlay Liberty Township
7692 County Road 140
General Government, NEC
City Government General Offices
Findlay Blanchard Valley Center Cmnty
1530 East Sandusky St
Findlay County Of Hancock
100 West Hardin St
Findlay City Sch Cosmetology
620 Lynn St
Findlay Civil Service Commission
318 Dorney Plaza
County Government General Offices
Findlay Voices For Children
614 South West St
Federal Government General Offices
Findlay Federal Aviation Administration
1615 Gray St
Land, Mineral, Wildlife, and Forest Conservation
Federal Government Conservation Depts
Findlay Natural Resources Conservation
952 Lima Avenue # 101
Fish and Wildlife Conservation Agency, Government
Findlay Natural Resources Department
952 Lima Avenue # 101
Land, Mineral, and Wildlife Conservation
Findlay Forestry Division
952 Lima Avenue
Recreational Program Administration, Government
City Of Findlay
330 North Cory St
Findlay Liberty Township
1424 East Main Cross St
Soil Conservation Services, Government
Findlay Natural Resources Conservation
7710 County Road 140
Findlay Ohio Department Of Natural Resources
7868 County Road 140 F
Legal Counsel and Prosecution
County Government Legal Counsel
Findlay Hancock County Public Defender
316 Dorney Plaza
District Attorneys' Office
Findlay Hancock Prosecuting Attorney
514 South Main St
Legislative Bodies
County Commissioner
Findlay Hancock County Income Maintenance
7814 County Road 140
Government Offices
Findlay United States House Of Representatives
100 East Main Cross St
Government Offices City Village and Township
Findlay Anchor Center
215 East St
Findlay Building Maintenance
318 Dorney Plaza
Findlay City Huamn Resources
Municipal Building
Findlay City Plumbing Department
1644 Tiffin Avenue # A
Findlay City Safety Director
Municipal Building
Findlay Computer Service
318 Dorney Plaza # 312
Findlay Council Office
318 Dorney Plaza
Findlay Forester
330 North Cory St
Findlay Parking Department
318 Dorney Plaza # 116
Findlay Sewer Maintenance
1201 River St
Findlay Traffic Lights
330 North Cory St
Findlay Traffic Signs Department
330 North Cory St
123 East Main Cross St
Findlay Marion Township
16003 State Route 568
Findlay Neat Municipal Building
300 South Main St
State Government Offices
Findlay Salvage Inspections
8210 County Road 140
Findlay State Platform Scales
162 Interstate 75 South
Findlay State Platform Scales
4500 Ih 75
Police Protection
County Police
Findlay Police Department
318 Dorney Plaza # 207
Federal Government Police
Findlay County Of Hancock
200 West Crawford St
Police Departments
Findlay Police Department Detectives
318 Dorney Plaza # 117
Findlay Police Dept Records
318 Dorney Plaza # 116
Findlay Recreation Department
3430 North Main St
Police Protection, Local Government
Findlay Police Dept Dispatch
318 Dorney Plaza # 207
Findlay County Of Hancock
200 West Crawford St
State Highway Patrol
Findlay Highway Patrol
3201 North Main St
Findlay Ohio Department Of Public Safety
162 Interstate 75 South
Findlay State Highway Patrol Test Center
8210 County Road 140 # C
Public Order and Safety, NEC
County Government Public Order and Safety
Findlay Hancock Emergency Management
1900 Lima Avenue
Regulation and Administration of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilit
City Govt Regulation Adm Comms Utilities
Findlay City Utility Billing
136 North Blanchard St
United States Postal Service
Post Offices
Findlay Us Post Office
229 West Main Cross St