Government Offices and Services in Victorville, California

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Administration of Educational Programs
County Government Education Programs
Victorville San Bernardino Traffic School
14455 Civic Drive
State Government Education Programs
Victorville Public Library
15011 Circle Drive
Administration of General Economic Programs
State Economic Program Administration
Victorville Public Works Department
14343 Civic Drive
Administration of Public Health Programs
County Government Public Health Programs
Victorville California Department Of Rehabilitation
12421 Hesperia Road # 10
Administration of Social, Human Resource and Income Maintenance Programs
County Government Social and Human Resources
Victorville San Bernardino Cnty Aging Service
17270 Bear Valley Road # 108
Federal Social and Human Resources
Victorville Ombudsman Program
15480 Ramona Avenue
Victorville Social Security Administration
13955 Park Avenue
Administration of Veterans' Affairs, Except Health Insurance
State Veterans Affairs
Victorville Cal Corp
12241 Industrial Boulevard
Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management
Environmental Agencies
Victorville Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority
15776 Main St # 3
State Government Environmental Programs
Victorville Water Quality Board
14440 Civic Drive # 200
Water Control and Quality Agency, Government
Victorville Water Resources Control Board California
14440 Civic Drive # 200
County Government Courts
Victorville Family Court Service Counseling
14455 Civic Drive
Victorville San Bernardino Civil Court
14455 Civic Drive # 100
Victorville San Bernardino Probate Court
14455 Civic Drive # 100
Victorville San Bernardino Traffic Court
14455 Civic Drive # 100
Victorville Sheriff's Court Service Bureau
14455 Civic Drive # 400
Justice of the Peace
Victorville Heaven Made Memories
13161 Acacia Avenue
State Courts
Victorville Judiciary Counsel Civil Div
14455 Civic Drive # 100
Victorville San Bernardino County Fire
15505 Civic Drive
Victorville Court Service
14455 Civic Drive # 400
Executive Offices
City Government Executive Offices
Victorville City Hall
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville City Manager
14343 Civic Drive
Executive Offices
Victorville County Of San Bernardino
15329 Bonanza Road # B
Victorville Federal Employee Benefits Administration
14725 Seventh St # 1000
Mayors' Office
Victorville Avalon Park
16338 Avalon Avenue
Victorville Eagle Ranch Park
12587 Eagle Ranch Parkway
Victorville Grady Trammel Park
17184 Stoddard Wells Road
Victorville Street Maintenance
14177 Mcart Road
Fire Protection
Fire Department, Not Including Volunteer
Victorville Baldy Mesa Fire Department
11855 East St
City Of Victorville
17008 Felica Drive
Victorville County Of San Bernardino
11855 East St
Victorville Mt View Acres Fire Station
13782 El Evado Road
Victorville Fire Department
14343 Civic Drive
Fire Departments
Victorville 10 Tanker Air Carrier
18191 Readiness St
Fire Protection, Local Government
City Of Victorville
16200 Desert Knoll Drive
City Of Victorville
17181 Jasmine St B
General Government, NEC
City Government General Offices
City Of Victorville
14144 Green Tree Boulevard
Victorville Southern California Logistics
18374 Phantom St
County Government General Offices
Victorville Spring Valley Lake Fire Sta
12550 Jacaranda Avenue
Victorville Us Agricultural Department
14393 Park Avenue
General Government Administration
City Of Victorville
14343 Civic Drive
State Government General Offices
Victorville Calif Department Rehab Vctrvll
15415 West Sand St # 200
Victorville California Department Of Employment Development
15419 Cholame Road
International Affairs
Immigration Services, Government
Victorville Cio
12555 Mariposa Road
Land, Mineral, Wildlife, and Forest Conservation
Land, Mineral, and Wildlife Conservation
Victorville Fish & Game Department
12550 Jacaranda Avenue
Recreational Program Administration, Government
City Of Victorville
13016 Amethyst Road
Victorville Community Service Department
14973 Joshua St
Soil Conservation Services, Government
Victorville Natural Resources Conservation Service
17330 Bear Valley Road # 106
Legal Counsel and Prosecution
City Government Legal Counsel
Victorville City Attorney
14343 Civic Drive
County Government Legal Counsel
Victorville San Bernardino Cnty Dist Attorney
14440 Civic Drive # A
Victorville San Bernardino District Attorney
14455 Civic Drive # 300
District Attorneys' Office
Victorville County Of San Bernardino
14455 Civic Drive # 500
Victorville Building Code
14343 Civic Drive
State Legal Counsel
Victorville Barstow Public Defender
14455 Civic Drive # 600
Victorville San Bernardino Cnty Defender
14455 Civic Drive
Legislative Bodies
Government Offices City Village and Township
Victorville Burrtec Waste Industries Inc
17080 Stoddard Wells Road
Victorville Community Services Department
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Hook Community Center
14973 Joshua St
Victorville Accounts Payable
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Animal Control
14117 Mcart Road
Victorville Building Inspctn
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Business Licenses
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville City Risk Management
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Dog Licenses
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Engineering Department
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Human Resources
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Planning Department
14343 Civic Drive
Victorville Public Info
14340 Civic Drive
Victorville Westwinds Activities Center
18040 George Boulevard
Victorville Westwinds Activities Center
18241 George Boulevard
Victorville Westwinds Sports Center
18241 George Boulevard
Legislative Bodies, State and Local
Victorville Senator George Runner
14343 Civic Drive
State Government Offices
Victorville Agriculture Association
14800 Seventh St
Police Protection
Federal Government Police
Victorville Federal Bureau Investigation
14011 Park Avenue
Police Protection, Local Government
Victorville Police Department
14200 Amargosa Road
State Highway Patrol
Victorville Highway Patrol
14210 Amargosa Road
Public Order and Safety, NEC
Law Enforcement Statistics Center, Government
Victorville County Of San Bernardino
15505 Civic Drive
Public Safety Bureau, Government
Victorville Building Safety Department
15505 Civic Drive
Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors
City Government Licensing and Inspection
Victorville Building Permits
14343 Civic Drive
Licensing and Permits for Retail Trade, Government
Victorville Allied Building Services Co
12127 Mall Blvd. Suite-A #350
Victorville San Bernardino Cnty Envrnmntl
13911 Park Avenue # 104
United States Postal Service
Post Offices
Victorville Spring Valley Market
13295 Spring Valley Parkway
Victorville Us Post Office
16333 Green Tree Boulevard
Victorville Us Post Office
13295 Spring Valley Parkway
Victorville Us Post Office
16885 Sunset Drive