Government Offices and Services in Independence, California

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Administration of Educational Programs
Administration of Educational Programs, County Government
Independence County Of Inyo
135 South Jackson St
Administration of Public Health Programs
County Government Public Health Programs
Independence Inyo County Health & Humn Service
155 East Market
Environmental Health Program Administration, Government
Independence Inyo County Environmental Hlth
168 North Edwards St
Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management
Air, Water, and Solid Waste Management
Independence Department Of Water & Power
201 South Webster St
State Courts
Independence The Judicial Council Of California
168 North Edwards St
Executive and Legislative Offices, Combined
Indian Reservation
Fort Independence Indian Reservation
128 North Highway 395
Executive Offices
County Government Executive Offices
Independence Inyo County Board Supervisors
224 North Edwards St
Independence Inyo County Clerk Recorder
168 North Edwards St
Fire Protection
Fire Departments
Independence Fire Department
200 South Jacksn
Independence Fire Protect
200 South Jackson St
General Government, NEC
County Government General Offices
Independence County Courthouse
168 North Edwards St
Land, Mineral, Wildlife, and Forest Conservation
Land, Mineral, and Wildlife Conservation
Independence California Department Of Fish And Wildlife
1 Golden Trout Circle
Independence California Department Of Forestry And Fire Protection
103 South Clay St
Independence Helitack Base
760 North Edwards St
Independence National Park Service
661 North Edwards St
State Conservation Depts
Independence Black Rock Fish Hatchery
1 East Black Rock Springs Road
Legal Counsel and Prosecution
County Government Legal Counsel
Independence District Attorney Victim Wtns
168 North Edwards St
Independence Inyo County District Attorney
168 North Edwards St
Legislative Bodies
Government Offices
Independence Manzanar National Historic
5001 South Highway 395
Government Offices City Village and Township
Independence Los Angeles Operation & Maintenance
201 South Webster St
Police Protection
Independence County Of Inyo
550 South Clay St
United States Postal Service
Post Offices
Independence Us Post Office
101 South Edwards St