Government Offices and Services in Chico, California

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Administration of Educational Programs
State Government Education Programs
Chico Education Department
311 Nicholas C Schouten Lane
Administration of General Economic Programs
City Economic Program Administration
Chico City Economic Dev
411 Main St
Consumer Protection Office, Government
Chico California Department Of Consumer Affairs
3145 Southgate Lane
County Economic Program Administration
Chico County Of Butte
3753 Morehead Avenue
Administration of Public Health Programs
County Government Public Health Programs
Chico Butte County Health Department
695 Oleander Avenue
Chico California Office Of Audits & Investigations
500 Cohasset Road # 20
Chico County Of Butte
107 Parmac Road # 2
Chico Health Department Laboratory
695 Oleander Avenue
Chico Health Service Department
126 Mission Ranch Boulevard
Chico Health Service Department
1367 East Lassen Avenue # B1
Chico Rehabilitation Department
470 Rio Lindo Avenue # 4
Mental Health Agency Administration, Government
Chico California Department Of Mental Health
260 # East Chasset # 130 St #
Chico County Of Butte
592 Rio Lindo Avenue
Administration of Social, Human Resource and Income Maintenance Programs
County Government Social and Human Resources
Chico Butte County Social Welfare
2445 Carmichael Drive
Chico Butte County Welfare Fraud
2445 Carmichael Drive
Chico Health Department Wic Program
1311 Mangrove Avenue # East
Chico Health Department Wic Program
2491 Carmichael Drive # 400
Equal Employment Opportunity Office, Government
Chico California Department Of Employment Development
645 Salem St
Chico California Department Of Employment Development
240 West 7th St
Federal Social and Human Resources
Chico Social Security Administration
555 Rio Lindo Avenue # East
Chico Social Security Administration
1370 East Lassen Avenue # 150
State Government Social Human Resources
Chico California Dept Social Service
520 Cohasset Road # 140
Chico California Mini Corps
400 West First Tehama Building # 367
Chico California Olive Ranch
1367 East Lassen Avenue # 1
Administration of Veterans' Affairs, Except Health Insurance
Federal Veterans Affairs Administration
Chico California Department Of Veterans Affairs
280 Cohasset Road
State Veterans Affairs
Va Chico Outpatient Clinic
280 Cohasset Road
Chico Vet Center
280 Cohasset Road
Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management
Air, Water, and Solid Waste Management
Chico California Watershed Network
500 Orange St
Water Pollution Control Agency, Government
Chico Water Pollution Control
4827 Chico River Road
County Government Courts
Chico Butte County Superior Court
655 Oleander Avenue
Chico Butte County Agriculture Commn
196 Memorial Way
Local Courts
Chico County Of Butte
655 Oleander Avenue
State Courts
Chico Butte County Assessor
196 Memorial Way # 1
Chico The Judicial Council Of California
655 Oleander Avenue
Executive Offices
City Government Executive Offices
Chico City Manager
411 Main St
Chico County Of Butte
2455 Carmichael Drive
County Government Executive Offices
Chico Butte County Supervisors Board
2233 Nord Avenue # 2
Mayors' Office
Chico City Housing Office
441 Main St
Fire Protection
County Fire Protection
Chico County Of Butte
2405 Notre Dame Boulevard
Fire Department, Not Including Volunteer
Chico Fire Department
842 Salem St
Fire Departments
Chico Butte Creek Canyon Vol Fire
1726 Honey Run Road
Fire Protection
Chico C & J Fire Protection
4333 Caballo Way
Fire Protection, Local Government
City Of Chico
842 Salem St
General Government, NEC
City Government General Offices
Chico General Service Department
965 Fir St
County Government General Offices
Chico County Of Butte
183 East 6th St
Federal Government General Offices
Chico Congress United States
55 Independence Circle # 104
General Government Administration
City Of Chico
411 Main St
State Government General Offices
Chico California Department Of Industrial Relations
1367 East Lassen Avenue # B1
Land, Mineral, Wildlife, and Forest Conservation
Land, Mineral, and Wildlife Conservation
Chico Bidwell River Park
12105 River Road
Chico California Department Of Parks And Recreation
525 Esplanade
Chico Natural Resource Conservation
717 Wall St
Chico Us Forestry Department
2741 Cramer Lane
Legal Counsel and Prosecution
Attorney General's Office
Chico Criminalistics Laboratory
3870 Morrow Lane # A
City Government Legal Counsel
Chico Frank David R
411 Main St
Legislative Bodies
County Government Offices
Chico Butte County Behavioral
592 Rio Lindo Avenue
Chico Butte County Behavioral Health
560 Cohasset Road
Chico Butte County Behavioral Health
109 Parmac Road # 2a
Chico Butte County Behavioral Health
107 Parmac Road # 2
Chico Butte County Behavioral Health
260 Cohasset Road # 130
Chico Butte County Self Help Program
655 Oleander Avenue
Chico Butte County Weights & Measure
196 Memorial Way
Chico Community Counseling Center
500 Cohasset Road # 15
Chico Everson Center
260 Cohasset Road
Chico Supervisor District 3
196 Memorial Way
Government Offices City Village and Township
Chico City Administrative Office
411 Main St
Chico City Building Permit
411 Main St
Chico City Engineering
411 Main St
Chico City Human Resources
411 Main St
Chico Hamilton City Community Service
211 Main St
Chico Neal Road Landfill Co
1023 Neal Dow Avenue
Chico Parking Citations
411 Main St
Legislative Bodies, State and Local
Chico Assemblyman Dan Logue
150 Amber Grove Drive # 154
Chico Senator Sam Aanestad
411 Main St
State Government Offices
Chico Development Disability Area Ii
1367 East Lassen Avenue # B3
Police Protection
Municipal Police
City Of Chico
1460 Humboldt Road
Police Departments
Chico City Police Department
1460 Humboldt Road
Chico Police Department
1460 Humboldt Road
Police Protection, State Government
Chico California State University
400 West 1st St
State Highway Patrol
Chico Highway Patrol
995 Fir St
Chico Highway Patrol California
995 Fir St
Public Order and Safety, NEC
Public Safety Bureau, Government
Chico Directgov Source
4250 Keith Lane
Regulation and Administration of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilit
Public Utility Commission, Government
Chico Conservation Corps
2725 State Highway 32 # F
Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection of Miscellaneous Commercial Sectors
Labor Management Negotiations Board, Government
Chico Bureau Of Labor Statistics
2241 Saint George Lane # 1
Labor Regulatory Agency
Chico Osha Ca Department
1367 East Lassen Avenue # B4
United States Postal Service
Post Offices
Chico Us Post Office
550 Vallombrosa Avenue
Chico Us Post Office
141 West 5th St